Hoof System builds on hoof trimmers historical way of working, combining tradition with innovation, allowing for time optimization and cost minimization; footbath activity is particularly efficient, thanks to its baths with disinfection system.

29 years of experience
since 1990

The company operates with passion and commitment in the hoof trimming sector: “In our work, integrity is of paramount importance to keep clients relying on our services, in addition to the care we have while dealing with animals. That’s our satisfying approach, which takes us to improve day by day. We learnt from the past to reach future excellence”.
Roberto, Hoof System CEO, began his activity in the hoof trimming world applying the Dutch method. Then, he personally enhanced the tools he used obtaining several patents which contribute to the creation of his innovative hoof trimming machines.

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Hoof System staff is a team of highly skilled and qualified experts, used to work efficiently all together, combining their single capacities to achieve integrated optimum results. Training its staff is one of the main pillar of the company approach, so that Hoof System is always able to provide adequate assistance and technical support to its clients.