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Functional trimming

Wooden hoof soles application

TP block hoof soles application

Hoof medication and bandage

Hoof Trimming

Professional Services

Hoof System can rely on a team of highly skilled specialists in cows hoof care. Our experts will complete the hoof trimming to guarantee the proper balance and the safety of the cow, with reliability and know how. Hoof System takes care of cattle hoof health offering the support and the skills of its staff.

Hoof Trimming importance

Hoof trimming is a task of paramount importance in cattle farming: hooves natural growth affects the mode of impact with the ground, and might cause issues for cattle movement so that the animal is not able to graze and produce milk regularly. Cattle herd proper management begins with hoof care: hooves have a real impact on the production and health of the dairy cattle herd.

Multiple Benefits

Regular hoof trimming treatment helps for

Higher rate of milk production
Herd health
Cattle welfare
Higher incomes for the farmer

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