Hoof Trimming Machines

EASY GL 2018 Go

This machine, engineered and produced by Hoof System allows for the treatment of over 100 cows per day, with just one employee, helping to cut down costs and increase the income.

Easy GL 2018 Go is a professional machine based on the Dutch trimming method, designed to execute treatments on dairy cattle, suckler cow and buffalo, keeping highest levels of comfort and safety for both the herd and the workers, with the precise aim of reaching zero injuries risk; moreover, the employee supervises the entire process upright, so as to prevent any job-related pathology.


More than 100 cows per day, while other machines usually treat up to 30 cows per day.


Prevents cattle injuries and reduces the employee tiring out.


Hoof trimming process is absolutely safe, for both the animals and the workers.


The machine is easy to be used and allows to optimize time and to increase the number of animals treated per day.


Two-axis trailer certified up to 3,000 kg overall mass with 14” wheels, reinforced tires with 250mm drum brakes.


N. 03 oleodynamic stabilizers with dedicated hydraulic control;
Toolbox holder with machine control panel.


Electric diagrams;
Hydraulic diagrams;
Certificate of approval as a road special vehicle;
Italian registration.

Restraint Stall

Animal’s neck blocked by an oleodynamic moving system;
Ergonomic cushion for animal’s head resting;
Waterproof and interchangeable mattress;
Automatic tilting system of the foot shaft and automatic foot blocking by means of a dedicated pushbutton panel;
Adjustment of the animal’s position by means of a shaft equipped with hydraulic movement belts with a dedicated control panel.


CE certificate;
User and maintenance manual;

Oleodynamic Control Unit

Oleodynamic pump with inverter-driven asynchronous motor;
Emergency system for pump, engine and inverter failure;
Suction and exhaust filters;
Air filter;
Oil level with temperature reading;
Pressure gauge with instantaneous reading of all oleodynamic circuit parts;
Oleodynamic system with high-pressure R-16 flexible pipes and ORFS fittings;
Complete electric system;
Lighting system with 4 LED headlights;
“H S Fast Gates” system to prepare the animals to access the machine;
Cover for of the oleodynamic control unit and electric panel, with gas-spring bilateral openings.

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